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I have been reading for quite a while now but I jumped onto the author bandwagon officially on May 30th, 2006 with the Stargate SG-1 fic 'Remembrance' posted on The Alpha Gate archives. Since then, I have expanded into other fandoms ranging from spy-craft to magic to science fiction.

To give a quick rundown, each story and fandom have their own tags. The quick links take you directly to the master lists for either fics I personally wrote (Master Fic Lists) or stories I recommend (Master Rec Lists). My Author Biography link gives you a detailed description about me and my likes/dislikes for fandoms I read/write in.

Hope you enjoy reading my stories and the recs! And please leave a review!


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Master Fic List: Covert Affairs
Master Fic List: The Fast and Furious
Master Fic List: Harper's Island
Master Fic List: Harry Potter
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Master Fic List: Stargate: SG-1
Master Rec List: Covert Affairs
Master Rec List: The Fast and Furious
Master Rec List: Harper's Island
Master Rec List: Harry Potter
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Master Rec List: Power Rangers
Master Rec List: Stargate SG-1

Harry Potter:
Sink into Your Eyes (HP/GW)
Jake 2.0:
JMD: Jake Monitoring Device
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Paladar's World of Fanfiction
Stargate SG-1:
Pagan Twylight's Website
Maureen Thayer's Stargate Horizons

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